El Berguedą
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How was the life of the inhabitants of Berguedà in the XI and XII centuries? Visiting these centers,  you can get an approximate idea, whether in the ecclesiastical world and the civil.


Please print the PDF multitiquet you have chosen and show it in your first visit, along with the locator number. There they will put a stamp on the first visit and thereafter, this will already be validated.
If you want a better size, you can bend the multitiquet by half, paste it and bend it. – It has a credit card size.
The multitiquet is valid for one year from the first visit. You must show multitiquet at each visit so they will put the stamp.
The multitiquet is valid whether you print it in color or black and white.
Any amount will be refunded for unrealized visits once the multitiquet is validated.
Each multitiquet includes one visit at each of the sites listed in each multitiquet.
Visits must be within the normal opening hours of each resource included in each multitiquet. You can’t make any visit outside normal opening hours. You can check the opening times on the sites of each resource contained in the document.
For multitiquet "photographic space" must collect the Berguedà passport in the County Tourist Office, road C-16, km. 96.2 in usual opening hours.


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Oficina de turisme del Berguedą. Tel 938 221 500
Horari d'atenció al pśblic: de 9 a 13h i de 15 a 18h de dilluns a dissabte